Its time! Time for badges! Time for music! Time for trading cards!

Welcome to Alone’s Retro E-Waste Lifestyle Club. Essentially how you can get hold of neat trinkets, and support Alone as I undertake a year long music and art challenge. 52 weeks, 52 tracks, 52 pieces of cover art.

Volume 2 of the REWLC is here! The next 10 tracks from this year, bonus music for those who join, and badges and trading cards with the illustrations/cover art. EXCITING! There are 10 badges to collect, and 10 trading cards! Hurra!

Here is the deal:

£0 – Free Download!

£3 – CDR + 1 badge + 1 trading card
Then add £2 for each additional badge and card!

You also support me in touring/producing/arting and the creation of more fun things, maybe mousepads? No? t-Shirts? mayyyybee?

I’ll be staying in touch with club members, maybe we’ll do some livestreams? Maybe play some games? have chat? I’ll at least drop you peeps emails with fun updates JUST FOR YOU. I want this to be a conversation with you all <3

So. What are you waiting for? It’s RETRO E-WASTE LIFESTYLE CLUB time!


What about the music? Well listen below: