Gigs! Gigs! More Gigs! (Well two gigs)

Hey, hey.

A short update but big news:
Two upcoming gigs. The first is May 22nd in Bristol at Mothers Ruin alongside my good buddies Tommy Creep, Virus Empire and more:

The second is Superbyte Festival in Manchester, which is 11th to 13th September. You should go to their website to see why I’m damn happy to be on the line up. Cya there, yeh?
Superbyte Festival Website


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Grok Day Live Bootleg

Hey y’all, you can listen to my whole set from last Saturday in London here:

Pretty neat huh? It won’t be up forever but you can hear a fair chunk.. in fact.. almost entirely new, chunk of music, in embryonic form. Enjoy!

yoink1 credit infotoxin yoink2 credit graham

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Kinetic Monkey – The Tower (Alone Remix) + More

Greeets chaps and chappetes,

New remix time in the Alone bunker:

Taking on Kinetic Monkey’s ‘The Tower’… Reference points included Linkin Park.. Love early 00′s Nu-Metal I do. Also I realised it cuts out at the end, there was more, but I do like the sudden STOP. Enjoy (and KM’s Glitched up ver. is also pretty neat).

I will! Have awesome tapes of said remixes at GROK DAY, London on Saturday as well as a disc of treats for you all. I’m playing at about 1pm, and will be playing some early bits and pieces from the album. I may have said too much!
Also stick around for my chip-bros Virus Empire and Tommy Creep, those guys are awesome.

Grok Day Saturday March 1st, Betsey Trotswood Pub, London

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 23.22.16 Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 23.22.38

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