Things that are coming up

Alone be busy, here is some stuff that will be happening soon:
15th Feb – Dementio13 – VTOL: New album by Cardiff super prolific electronic music wizard. Not wizard in the Juno sense. Lots of collaborators on the album, including Alone.
17th Feb – Laurence Made Me Cry remix album. Alone’s distorted take on Houses is part of this collection of mixes. All proceeds go to charity.
Soon – Excellent trip hop duo Kinetic Monkey release a single/remix/cassette tape. Alone’s ‘Not quite Linkin Park’ remix is on there.
1st March: Grok Day, London. Alone live, lots of chiptune, will Alone bring another stack of CDRs of treats, or will it be something more exciting?
End of March – Alone goes on holiday for a bit.

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Alone’s List of Things from 2013 that were good.

HI! How is everyone? Still reeling from that gig announce? (March 1st, London, Grok Day, yo) Well… lets keep the 2014 kick off going with a brief round up of Alone’s top XX of things that were good from the year we just stuck our collective middles fingers up at.

These are presented in no order:


Tearaway: The best platform game I’ve played in a long long time. By the end I felt like my heart was going to burst with joy/tears/joy.

Laurence Made Me Cry: Working with Jo on and off for the last year was an absolute pleasure. Playing gigs in Cardiff culminating in the Welsh Music Prize showcase and Green Man Festival as well as being on her great album was pretty awesome.

The National: I never listened to the The National, not because I thought they were bad, but because I knew if I did, I might fall into a deep hole of musical joy that maybe hard to come back from. Then I gave their new album a listen and fell in anyway.

Playstation Vita: I love this handheld, the games, the GAMES. Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Eufloria HD, Tearaway.. etc etc.. plus remote play means I can sail around in Assassins Creed from the comfort of bed.

Musical artist beginning with ‘F’ releasing awesome albums: Four Tet, Fuck Buttons, The Field, Future of the Left.

What The Math?: You may have noticed I didn’t do much other than play gigs this year. thats because I was putting on events etc as What the Math? including a Retro Party, Gameapalooza and a stage at Hub Festival.. with great artists like Kinetic Monkey, Tommy Creep, The Virus Empire etc etc. We plan on doing more too. Oh Yes. More things!

Saints Row 4: What. A. Game.

Superbyte 2013: Chiptunes in Manchester. Oh Yes. Anamanaguchi played, and Chipzel did stuff.. and loads more. it was great. Kickstart 2014 now!

Anyway. Those things were all good.

I’ll be back soon ish



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