Intent to Invent


It’s been a while since you heard anything new new new huh? well fear not, surprise etc. Throughout 2012-2013 every gig I played I was trying new material, new noises and such. I was also putting out regular CDrs of these tracks and ideas. Many of these have been scuffled away to be part of DELETED, however as I have some gigs coming up, and no CD burner, nor printer to do fancy labels, here is an EP which is sort of the best of the live tracks I included on the previously mentioned CDrs. Lots of synths, lots of bloops, pretty raw, or rawr as I just wrote. Enjoy.

The release is free/pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp and up to stream etc on Soundcloud.

OH! and if you want to dance/get your boots moving/nod to this stuff LIVE in person, this week I’m playing Mothers Ruin in Bristol (Thursday 22nd)

It’s gonna be large.

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Gigs! Gigs! More Gigs! (Well two gigs)

Hey, hey.

A short update but big news:
Two upcoming gigs. The first is May 22nd in Bristol at Mothers Ruin alongside my good buddies Tommy Creep, Virus Empire and more:

The second is Superbyte Festival in Manchester, which is 11th to 13th September. You should go to their website to see why I’m damn happy to be on the line up. Cya there, yeh?
Superbyte Festival Website


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Grok Day Live Bootleg

Hey y’all, you can listen to my whole set from last Saturday in London here:

Pretty neat huh? It won’t be up forever but you can hear a fair chunk.. in fact.. almost entirely new, chunk of music, in embryonic form. Enjoy!

yoink1 credit infotoxin yoink2 credit graham

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