Alone mega Update with few Words

Hi guys! I’m back. Sorry that took a while. I lost the password for my site and haven’t had time to sit and reset everything. So lets get on with the show.


Alone Plays (and puts on) Cardiff’s biggest chip gig: Get Pixelated!


Alone, TDK, King Keytan, Whitely, Harleylikesmusic, The Virus Empire, CFGK24, J3wel, xCriticalStrikex, Infotoxin, Sky Pope

Thats 7 hours of live chip music, for £3, 31st August @ Gwdihw, Cardiff.


Alone runs 10k

Heeeeey I’m running the Cardiff 10k on Sept 7th in aid of The Safe Foundation. If you want to help me reach my £150 target I have a Just Giving page with more info about the charity. It’d be great and I’ve been training my legs off in hope of doing it in a respectable time!

ALONE 10k Just Giving


Alone plays Superbyte 2014


On Friday 12th September I’ve got the absolute massive bloody privledge of opening Superbyte 2014 in Manchester alongside some of the biggest names in chip music. I AM EXCITED!

For tickets and info visit the Superbyte Website


Alone talks!

Couple of short talks from the Get Caerphilly Online Retro Tech event are now online. Watch me forget the name of one of my favorite games, and explain why I love Chiptune so much

I’ve actually had some previous gigs. Last weekend I played Hub Festival, Cardiff, twice.

It was a blast.

I also, more randomly played a set of Kate Bush covers at Four Bars, a part of The Kate Inside tribute night. People were super nice and actually took video of this event. So I’ll leave you all with my live cover of Hounds of Love, and then The Red Shoes, which I performed with Jo Whitby of Laurence Made Me Cry.

Laters y’all, be in touch soon ok?

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Help Alone go to Green Man via Green Man Rising!

a quick post to say….
It’s kinda simple. Green Man Festival is up in the pretty Welsh Countryside, and I actually had a sneaky go on stage last year as part of Laurence Made Me Cry’s band of merry troopers. However would you not say that these big music festivals need some straight up electronica stuff? Made on games consoles etc?

Alone @ Green Man Rising

Visit this link, and then share it with other peeps.
will be fun yes?

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